Herefordshire Festival of Sport 2015


-Adam Ainsworth
5:39:37Steve Ambrose
5:53:01Stephen Bloomfield
6:00:16Owen Bodycombe
6:00:17Thomas Burchfield
5:50:44Kevin Coupland
6:09:56Gordon Daniel
5:59:00Robert Danks
6:20:00Giles Dawnay
7:28:18Hannah Densley
5:44:13Paul Evans
5:59:05Robert Evans
6:03:23Luke Eversham
7:28:17Colin Gibbons
6:07:39Oliver Gin
7:24:15Jonty Hay
6:03:58Daniel Head
6:22:23Rob Hodges
6:30:33Mark Houghton
7:07:00Simon Howes
5:39:35Timothy Jeffcoat
7:09:42Munya Kano
5:55:53Kathryn King
6:06:16Tom Knight
5:44:30Colin Lambourne
-Andrew Layton
6:57:08Brendan Malone
5:52:21Edward Middleton
6:13:36William Milde
5:55:54Ray Mobbs
5:27:20Matthew Morris
6:06:35Paul Morris
-Andrew Murray-Watson
6:56:53Patrick Nash
5:27:20Ben Osborne
6:12:04Owain Phillips
6:03:57Jason Pritchard
6:39:35Susan Pugh
6:48:09Kevin Rowe
6:38:56John Rymill
5:29:06Jonathan Sayce
6:48:05Edward Short
6:32:20James Smith
6:06:45David Stocks
7:24:12Dave Taylor
5:32:01Jon Tetley
5:28:38Lee Truelove
6:33:03Richard Watkins
6:07:40Chris Watterson
6:06:00Nicholas Webb-Davies

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.