Race for Life Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
514:01:23Zipora Carapeto
524:01:40Rachael Mort
534:02:26Bethany Mclean
544:02:34Linsey Porter
554:03:37Karen Pickering
564:03:42Charlotte Peacock
574:03:59Victoria Davison
584:04:05Tina Cox
594:04:29Lauren Weston
604:05:05Helen Morrissey
614:05:22Katie Dyson
624:05:26Christine Deacon
634:06:43Penny Durance
644:08:01Louise Tilley
654:08:15Esther Goldsmith
664:08:29Samantha Esteem
674:09:36Stacey Carpenter
684:09:36Rose Martin
694:09:37Sarah Burnell
704:09:39Amanda Anderson
714:10:31Danielle Gover
724:11:29Danielle Fortune
734:11:31Maria Harper
744:11:35Cecile Musgrave
754:11:37Phoebe Cross
764:11:57Linda Fullaway
774:12:03April Burrow
784:13:49Lindsey Boraster
794:13:49Philippa Johnson
804:13:50Hiroko Rodaway
814:13:52Julie Dean
824:13:57Carolyn Le Cocq
834:14:08Rebekah Macleary
844:14:19Wendy Bullen
854:14:38Lisa Johnston
864:15:38Julie Stafford
874:16:19Karen Ross
884:16:24Bobbie Sauerzapf
894:17:07Amanda Briggs
904:17:46Carolyn Stimpson
914:17:49Aliye Emirali
924:17:50Rachelle Joyce
934:18:05Justyna Wells
944:18:24Suzy Bujakowski
954:18:40Samantha Law
964:19:14Ella Morrison
974:19:16Sarah Hoskins
984:19:29Claire Hardy
994:19:30Harriet Spence
1004:19:47Emily Bignold

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: equipment&suppliers@cancer.org.uk

07881 825684