Race for Life Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
1014:20:08Donna Reck
1024:20:20Suzanne Weiniger
1034:20:30Jade Underwood
1044:20:45Caitlin Mulford
1054:20:48Christine Redmond
1064:22:00Kate Crossland
1074:22:03Zoe Cook
1084:22:11Kerry Board
1094:22:18Suzie Chantry
1104:22:31Catherine Golder
1114:22:37Lauren Barr
1124:22:46Chloe Cross
1134:23:49Catherine Blackman
1144:24:04Clare Coppock
1154:24:46Megan Lloyd
1164:24:57Sharon Bedford
1174:27:26Emma Foreman
1184:27:59Jen Sheridan
1194:28:08Penny Miller
1204:28:20Lesley Page
1214:28:25Samantha Commons
1224:28:32Lisa Smith
1234:29:06Charlotte Jones
1244:29:31Abbi Hau
1254:30:00Emma Eddy
1264:30:49Claire Berry
1274:30:50Toshiko Johnson
1284:32:04Christine Simmons
1294:32:06Eszter Adam
1304:32:23Katherine Tyers
1314:33:59Megan Coates
1324:34:02Sophie Coates
1334:34:41Miranda Carrick
1344:35:11Laura Bailey
1354:35:42Sally Jones
1364:36:07Katherine Hubbard
1374:36:34Beryl De Smedt
1384:36:44Caitlin Devereux
1394:36:48Joanne Griffiths
1404:37:12Moira Wooles
1414:37:14Lorraine Gagen
1424:37:15Donna Wilkins
1434:37:16Andrea Davis
1444:37:18Rachel Januszewski
1454:37:22Elizabeth Lyon
1464:37:35Emily Williams
1474:38:02Jacqueline Jones
1484:38:10Kayte Allston
1494:39:11Stephanie Bevan
1504:39:46Marcela Brophy

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: equipment&suppliers@cancer.org.uk

07881 825684