Race for Life Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
2014:54:25Kelly Mcclenaghan
2024:54:26Sharon Johnson
2034:54:30Sarah-Jayne Hornsby
2044:54:52Lorraine Knight
2054:55:02Kelly Goldie
2064:55:02Laura Jeffery
2074:55:16Marilyn Pitts
2084:55:16Kate Bennett
2094:55:52Valerie Bloomfield
2104:55:52Sarah Gilderson
2114:56:00Karen Moys
2124:56:13Sylvia Georgiou
2134:57:15Michelle Sachse
2144:57:20Haylie Cailleau
2154:57:37Emma Culcheth
2164:58:05Julie Gardner
2174:58:05Katy Preston
2184:58:28Gemma Pedlar
2194:59:44Lorraine Stannett
2204:59:46Siobhan Mckenna
2214:59:53Samantha Whitaker
2224:59:55Helen Darlow
2235:00:29Alex Oakes
2245:00:38Nicola Higgs
2255:01:14Stephanie Peters
2265:01:20Terri Larkin
2275:01:38Alexandra Burling
2285:01:43Kate Wood
2295:02:21Kate Warton
2305:02:26Kyria Cardy
2315:02:40Symone Venables
2325:03:00Robyn Tully
2335:03:22Annemarie Griffiths
2345:03:22Natasha Goss
2355:03:32Kitty Rosser
2365:04:02Emma Robinson
2375:04:19Emma Somerset
2385:04:24Emine Ismail De Sanchez
2395:04:33Sarah Friend
2405:04:33Sarah Mendham
2415:04:40Tracy Buck
2425:04:40Deborah Lockyer
2435:04:48Michelle Woolley
2445:04:48Katy Thomson
2455:05:55Sukeallia Blount
2465:06:16Charlotte Rothwell
2475:06:21Holly Gardner
2485:06:57Linda Dodd
2495:07:14Dawn Willis
2505:07:15Frankie Mortimore

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: equipment&suppliers@cancer.org.uk

07881 825684