Keswick Mountain Festival 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:51:17Eoin Lennon
21:52:06Peter Le Grice
31:56:29Julian Hood
41:58:38Mark Offord
51:58:40Richard Pattinson
62:04:51Allen Smalls
72:04:55Lee Newton
82:05:26Jonathan Palmer
92:09:30Gavin Smith
102:10:53David Cairnie
112:11:08Ben Reese
122:12:05Andrew Cox
132:15:19Simon Armitstead
142:16:49Scott Seefeldt
152:16:59Mark Kemp
162:17:18Mike Allison
172:17:48David Taylor
182:18:14Chris Barnard
192:18:52Mike Dearden
202:19:13Craig Lammas
212:20:52Ricky Bellett
222:23:13Lucy Colquhoun
232:23:43Chris Lines
242:24:13Darren Allan
252:24:38Colin Faulds
262:24:44Ben Joynson
272:27:06Magnus Mcgillivray
282:27:08Kris White
292:28:30David Buxton
302:28:49Paul Elliott
312:29:00Roy Tomlinson
322:29:11Karen Robertson
332:29:15Andrew Pipes
342:29:31Emlyn Roberts
352:30:03Roger Cotterill
362:30:05Sam Wilson
372:30:32Stephen Loseby
382:31:34Philip Roper
392:31:57Ian Oldham
402:32:00Alasdair Muir
412:32:04Leigh Stubbs
422:32:17Philip Lonsdale
432:32:37Simon Pope
442:32:56Stuart Blagbrough
452:33:22Rosemary Byde
462:33:33Angel Miguelez
472:33:49Jonathan Yates
482:34:00Paul Hodges
492:34:23Andrew Keenan
502:34:28Sam Scott

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

033 0055 5734