Essex Autumn Leaves 2015


5:18:53Adam House
6:36:47Alan Chapman
6:51:38Alan Tuckwood
4:47:13Alex Davis
6:00:16Alex Thompson
4:47:17Andrew Beaman
5:46:33Andrew Lipscombe
5:50:51Andrew Low
5:40:49Andrew Milling
CUTOFFAndrew Noon
5:35:38Andrew Walker
5:15:18Andy Bryce
5:41:17Andy Clarke
5:58:43Andy Stevenson
5:45:53Anthony Miller
5:38:02Ashton Parker
6:44:00Bill Hopkins
5:38:40Bradley Jones-Chapman
8:00:00Carol Cartwright
5:17:34Charles Packshaw
DNFCharlie Keenan
7:54:18Chris Tomkins
5:35:38Chris Villiers
DNFChristelle Vranck
6:38:37Christopher Riley
5:35:43Claire Waters
7:11:31Cliff Haines
5:08:06Colin Cameron
6:20:11Colin Gillard
5:06:08Conrad Hill
5:15:30Dan Kilbourn
6:03:14Daniel Brooksbank
6:36:54Danny Stapleton
5:39:11Darren Risley
6:00:04Dave Buggins
5:06:09Dave Lindsey
CUTOFFDave Spencer
5:35:41David Corbell
6:00:04David Couldridge
5:38:47David Honeywell
7:08:46David Limn
5:46:39David Neil Campbell
6:26:18David Reeves
5:35:49David Waters
5:35:37Dick Drylie
5:14:57Elaine Garvican
16:11:15Elizabeth Simpson
6:02:42Emma Jones
6:59:10Emma Tanner
6:11:01Frances Hale

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