Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company
140:19Andrew KirschnerMarshall Milton Keynes Ac
241:40Tony DaglishRedway Runners
341:50Graeme BickleRedway Runners
443:02Simon Kirschner-HeavensMMKAC
545:16Stephane Carpenter
645:30Gavin Nicholson
746:17Robert Goff
848:08Hywel Davies
948:09Steven Le TocqSRC
1048:36Kevin Tilley
1148:53Ian Weatherburn
1249:09Sean RobertsonFit MK
1349:32Darren O'learyFit MK
1450:24Peter Hincks
1550:29Jane KeigBuckingham & Stowe Rc
1650:43David Bishop
1751:02Andy Carey
1855:00Chris JeanesRedway Runners
1955:18Heidi Bourton
2055:54Chelsey RoseSilson AC
2156:30Leah Upton
2256:52Kelly Arnold
2356:59Yvonne Murphy
2456:59Catherine Floyd
2557:01Rachel David
2657:12Sandra Brown
2757:27Harry Bishop
2858:48Mark Mackrill
2959:25Katherine Milner
301:00:33Nicola HieronsRedway Runners
311:00:58Linsay Boyce
321:01:13Joanne BoothShenley Striders
331:01:24Dawn Williamson
341:01:40Helen Bishop
351:02:16Geoff Baulk
361:03:50Laura Chapman
371:04:30Sian Gannan
381:05:00Sophie Bunce
391:05:47Jemma Smith
401:05:47Paula Hopkins
411:06:51Hayley Grant
421:07:10Rhiannon MoorhouseVegan Runner
431:07:15Clare Hipwell
441:07:29Yvonne Healy
451:07:31Sara Jayne Errington
461:08:54Vicky Allen
471:09:08Helen Hines
481:09:29Ali RutherfordRedway Runners
491:09:34Gillian Hardy
501:10:20Dawn Bridgeolney runners

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.