Keswick Mountain Festival 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
14:18:16Rob Sinclair
24:48:20Merlijn Meens
34:59:15Damian Carr
45:18:06Rudy Romain
55:18:40Michael Curly Irving
65:21:24Daniel Jones
75:40:10Paul Kettle
85:41:43Kristof Nowicki
95:53:29Peter Abraham
105:54:14Julie Briscoe
115:56:59Ivan Holroyd
125:57:12Connor Smith
136:03:29Fraser Willcox
146:04:57Alistair Nash
156:11:35Ian Smillie
166:11:36Michael Bloor
176:21:40Glen Mcgowan
186:22:34Robert Sutherland
196:25:30Matthew Haywood
206:28:02Gruffudd Jones
216:28:08Nicky Sutton
226:28:25Daniel Mullinder
236:32:09Ste Coase
246:33:00Dean Thatcher
256:33:01Carlton Shorter
266:33:29Matthew Tyson
276:36:38Liz Mahon
286:37:38Corentin Decouty
296:37:49Barry Simpson
306:38:02Caroline Oldfield
316:43:42Nathanael-Jon Ingram
326:43:42Ryan Anderson
336:48:03Colin Hutt
346:49:45Neil Willcox
356:51:43Robin Bush
366:53:24Stephen Wilkins
376:54:08Thomas Lonsdale
386:57:46John Bosch
396:58:42Timothy Forster
406:58:48Iain Bethune
416:59:09Erwin Wijnands
426:59:36Stephen Watson
437:00:15Lucy Stanfield
447:02:21Joseph Thomas
457:03:31George Craig
467:04:36Ross De Courcy
477:05:15Jonatan Pinkse
487:07:03Tim Barrett
497:08:41Andrew Sumner
507:12:21Tom Sutton

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