Pos.Participant Finish time
1Matthew Turner8:34
2George Waldron9:25
3Oscar Wainwright9:26
4David Abbott9:28
5Matthew Wood9:38
6Loui Whittaker10:19
7Eve Walsh10:26
8Evie Brooks10:28
9Esmee Hill10:48
10Megan Baldwin10:51
11Archie Wainwright11:13
12Felicity Holehan11:19
13Luca Walsh11:19
14Joseph Waldron11:20
15Oscar Nielsen11:23
16William Mison11:25
17Nadia Jonczyk11:26
18Alisha Greenwood11:32
19Alfie Lisgo12:10
20Thomas Allsop12:13
21Alex Stephens12:29
22Alistair Waldron12:32
23Freya Jones12:33
24Ruby Speed12:36
25Tom Pountney12:50
26Logan Greenwood13:33
27Daisy Copley14:11
28Katherine Riley14:33
29Runner 47014:53
30Joseph Baldwin15:00
31Georgia Copley15:03
32Joseph Riley15:21
33Emilia Jonczyk15:47
34Natasha Cooper16:29
35Elena Evans-Guillen17:03
36Lucas Pountney18:30
37Albert Porter19:36

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