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Pos.Finish time Participant
6012:45:39Beccy Fereday
6022:46:01Hu Evans
6032:46:01Clare Firman
6042:48:27Charlie Broughton
6052:48:37Lucy Brodrick
6062:49:24Kelly Colombage
6072:49:29Francesca Phillips
6082:49:34Hannah Peterkin
6092:53:22Julia Garvey
6102:53:46Alonso Mendoza- Moreno
6112:54:15Glenrick White
6122:55:52Tiree Macleod-Nolan
6132:58:09Elaine Keating
6143:00:45Lacey Yates
6153:02:30Matthew Cordy
6163:04:32Georgia Mahoney
6173:06:57Jackie Tims
6183:10:54Carl Larkin
6193:15:51Toby Maryan
6203:19:17Pauline Jones
6213:20:02Donald Nell
6223:20:18Debbie Pentland
6233:20:19Bob Pentland
6243:20:20Linda Burford
6253:21:15Lesley Hinton
6263:27:18Marriam Hughes
6273:39:28Jacquie Wines
6283:39:33Susan Parker
6293:40:15Christine Hunter
6303:40:58Jane Barraud
6313:40:58Lucy Hunter
6323:40:59Marcella Pitt
6333:40:59Alison Leahy
6343:41:31Liz Skelcher
6353:45:47Denise Page
--Cheryl Melaniphy
--Allan Whatmough
--Peter Hughes
QUERY1:19:17Dean Simmons
DNS-Emma Kus
DNS-Tiffany-Jayne Lee
DNS-Eugenie Konig
DNS-Miriam Machell
DNS-Wendy Haddock
DNS-Kevin Cooper
DNS-Graham Matthews
DNS-George Simpson
DNS-Liam Williams
DNS-Charlie Rathmell

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