The Maverick Silva Dark Series Oxfordshire 2019


Pos.Chip time Participant
1011:43:28Paul Hartigan
1021:43:43Maria Ordovas-Montanes
1031:43:46Alec Martin
1041:43:47Elena Palmieri
1051:44:12Zach Couldrick
1061:44:53Wayne Faithfull
1071:44:56Glen Griffiths
1081:45:37Miss Alexandra Yorston
1091:45:37Tom Fuller
1101:47:03Ollie Goldsack
1111:47:03Patricia Lorimer
1121:47:14Matthew Adamson
1131:47:14Lee Fuller
1141:47:20Andy Waters
1151:48:06John Day
1161:48:06Erica Helmetag
1171:48:07Ben Ranson
1181:48:13Lauryn Benthan
1191:48:18Huw Mellor
1201:49:41Paul Jackson
1211:49:43Natalie Sowerby
1221:50:18Maria Lebedeva
1231:52:00Jason Taylor
1241:52:02Danny Attias
1251:52:02Sheree Lim
1261:52:02Tracy Melvin
1271:52:16Mich Bowery
1281:52:16Nicholas Roberts
1291:54:11Rachel Baker
1301:54:11Sara King
1311:55:01Clare Volant
1321:55:34Helen Webster
1331:55:36Ashley Hogg
1341:56:18Alex Long
1351:56:19James McDermott
1361:56:19Amy Peak
1371:56:29Gaia Alexander
1381:56:47Lucy Hardingham
1391:56:51Toni Richardson
1401:58:03Oliver Capp
1411:58:03Flavia Farkas
1421:58:03Ian Griffiths
1431:58:03Mairead Stewart
1441:58:33Adam Fejes
1451:58:47Tamsin Duddy
1461:58:48Victoria Clifford
1472:00:41Nicky Tanner
1482:01:23Kenji Jesse
1492:02:47Jacqui Burke
1502:03:29Tracey Bishop

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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