Stonehaven Half Marathon 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:50:01Fay Duff
1021:50:19Mark Davidson
1031:50:29Linton Tyler
1041:50:39Michael Milne
1051:50:48Amy Mitchell
1061:50:52Robert Sinclair
1071:50:58Cameron Gow
1081:51:03Alan Brown
1091:51:23Ewan Norrie
1101:51:27Andrew Traill
1111:51:36Jim Elliott
1121:51:49John Dickson
1131:51:53Mark Macgillivray
1141:51:53Andrew Mckinlay
1151:51:55Fraser Mcmenemy
1161:52:39Bruce Chessell
1171:52:46Graham Snedden
1181:52:54William Algeo
1191:53:00Rich Ballantyne
1201:53:09Gavin Simpson
1211:53:10Blake Monaghan
1221:53:19Lina Smith
1231:53:26Judith Petrie
1241:53:35Katherine Golding
1251:53:40Tim Yeomans
1261:53:53Brian Andrew
1271:54:13Christopher Fryer
1281:54:22Brian Hampton
1291:54:53Steve Dornan
1301:54:57John Blackhurst
1311:55:07Brian Mcintosh
1321:55:20Kevin Funnell
1331:55:21Barry Donaldson
1341:55:23Tamsin Morris
1351:55:24Lisa Michie
1361:55:52Kevin Coutts
1371:55:54Scott Adie
1381:55:57Frank Watt
1391:55:58Jack Penman
1401:56:10Iain Ramsay
1411:56:14Jim Kelly
1421:56:15Juliana Eaton
1431:56:17Eilidh Wright
1441:56:28Iain Mccorquodale
1441:56:28Ailsa Mccorquodale
1461:56:35Bernard Norman
1471:56:49Lesley Clark
1481:57:03Justine Dunbar
1491:57:25Ed Downer
1501:57:36Christina Polson

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.