Bridges of the Tyne 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
5131:30Ryan Williams
5231:35Michael Thornton
5331:41Kevin Sorlie
5431:41Richard Conder
5531:49Andrew Phillips
5631:50Craig Horne
5731:52Riccardo Antico
5831:53Matthew Price
5931:59Jamie Wilson
6032:03Ian Jackman
6132:03David Daniels
6232:05Paddy Mcshane
6332:11Steven Colby
6432:11Mark Raine
6532:13Christopher West
6632:16Danny Wade
6732:21Kathryn Stevenson
6832:27Karl Hume
6932:28Richard Smith
7032:29David Stainthorpe
7132:36Graham Tebbutt
7232:37Calum Mills
7332:43Chris Eggett
7432:49Stephen Schubeler
7532:49Chris George
7632:54Neil Kavanagh
7732:56Ricky Davidson
7832:58Stephen Hargreaves
7933:00Rachel Adamson
8033:01Graeme Smith
8133:02Ian Ruddick
8233:08Louise Rodgers
8333:08Stephen Barker
8433:11Stephen Atwell
8533:13Graham Armstrong
8633:22Kenny Chambers
8733:25Graham Hall
8833:28Luke Bidwell
8933:30Peter Sloan
9033:30Steven Mccloy
9133:31John Brennand
9233:36John Mcgargill
9333:42Colin Wild
9433:42Matthew Turnbull
9533:45Garry Martin
9633:51Ivan Newton
9733:55Bill Hornby
9833:57Sophie Marr
9933:59Tracey Surtees
10034:01Michelle Jane

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