Bridges of the Tyne 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
10134:04Ria Chaston
10234:05Raymond Carmichael
10334:11Nicholas Walton
10434:24Simon Jamison
10534:32Colin Glacken
10634:33George Martin
10734:35Joe Colligan
10834:35Alun Carter
10934:38Mark Graham
11034:39Lee Hodgson
11134:40Steven Newcombe
11234:42Chris Checkley
11334:42Jamie Kirk
11434:43Rachel Breheny
11534:44David Williams
11634:49Anna Basu
11734:52Andrew Murray
11834:56Michael Meaney
11934:59Claire Ocallaghan
12035:00Lyndsey Thompson
12135:03Richard Scrimshaw
12235:04Dean Johnson
12335:07Linda Mudford
12435:09Tom Colquitt
12535:10Craig Miller
12635:11Kristian Bailey
12735:12Paul Davison
12835:16Alastair Brown
12935:18Mungai Wairia
13035:21Lucy Matheson
13135:23Ian Goulding
13235:28Wendy Marks
13335:29Louise Bell
13435:32Nick Houghton
13535:33Phil Beardmore
13635:43David Goodfellow
13735:45Adrian Colbourne
13835:46Jason Long
13935:50Beth Lawry
14035:56Michael Howe
14136:00Paul Rochester
14236:03Alan Bell
14336:08Graham King
14436:09Graeme Wilkinson
14536:13Shaun Day
14636:14Roger Thomas
14736:17Gary Walsh
14836:23Richard Brooks
14936:26Fiona Jones
15036:27Chris Cooley

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