Outlaw Half Holkham 2019

Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Participant Finish time
Clair Hunt9:14:41
Trine Middleton8:32:38
Duncan Tanner9:04:51
Yvonne Mortimer8:20:28
Laura Carr8:30:50
Jane O'Connell8:30:49
Vicky Romilly8:30:49
Joanne Greenhalgh8:15:52
Ken Vance8:13:31
Helen Read8:12:23
Mike Furlong8:11:27
Maggi Savin-Baden8:57:07
Julie Guest8:08:13
Tryphina Cooper8:19:08
David Ellis8:29:00
Louise Short8:16:40
Dave Page8:04:14
Diane Boros8:15:50
Jamie Stanton8:36:59
Team Making Sparks Triathlon Club8:08:09