Outlaw Half Holkham 2019

Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Participant Finish time
101Ben Daniels4:58:46
102Tim Savage4:59:04
103Iain Dawson4:59:14
104Team Norfolk N Chance4:59:34
105Ben Anderson4:59:35
106Clennell Collingwood4:59:49
107Emad El-Shafie4:59:50
108John Budworth5:00:23
109Thomas Leith5:00:27
110Andy Newham5:00:29
111Nick Spargo5:00:47
112David Teague5:01:05
113Oliver Wilkens5:01:24
114Mark Jolly5:02:13
115Dale Brownless5:02:18
116Mark Johnson5:02:25
117Mike Bartlett5:02:46
118Richard Morgan-Evans5:02:46
119Gareth Mills5:03:23
120Tim Doyle5:03:25
121Ben Carter5:03:51
122Eleanor Standen5:04:06
123Dorian Craig5:04:08
124Adrian Perkins5:04:15
125Martin Oldfield5:04:22
126Mark Jones5:04:33
127Wilson Kane5:04:35
128Simon Winslow5:04:43
129Charlton Damant5:04:51
130Jonathan Podmore5:05:21
131Alastair Buckley5:05:40
132Ian Ledieu5:05:58
133Chloe Hawkins5:06:02
134Graeme Taylor5:06:04
135Joseph Fletcher5:06:34
136Debbie Coyle5:06:37
137Steve Price5:06:55
138Mark White5:07:02
139Andy Notley5:07:02
140Michael Bird5:07:05
141James Hartwright5:07:10
142Peter Townsend5:07:16
143Mike Pole5:07:23
144Adriano Antoniotti5:07:30
145Ben Crossman5:07:45
146Charlotte Smith5:07:56
147Jaimie Buckley5:08:05
148Patrick Dryburgh5:08:14
149Neil White5:08:32
150John-Paul Hamilton5:08:38

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