Pos.Finish time Participant
11:27:34,00Mark Likeman
21:32:18,00Bruce Hardy
31:36:03,00Andy Ley
41:36:26,00Wayne Gregson
51:36:32,00Ian Cocks
61:38:10,00Sophie Noon
71:39:15,00Chris Smith
81:39:44,00Hollie Orr
91:40:04,00Andrew Pipes
101:41:40,00Mark Havenhand
111:42:58,00Karl Wakeman
121:44:24,00Vicky Penn
131:44:32,00Mark Ashton
141:44:57,00Kevin Renton
151:45:20,00Dominic Buckley
161:46:11,00Kerry Oldfield
171:48:07,00Owen Barden
181:48:53,00Viv Winter
191:49:44,00Rob Mantell
201:50:05,00Sarah Lowe
211:51:18,00Ian Crook
221:51:39,00Hannah Gilman
231:52:10,00Nick Jones
241:53:56,00Andy Riley
251:55:35,00Tom Gallagher
261:55:56,00James Harrison
271:56:24,00Gary Smith
281:57:20,00Ronald Shannan
291:57:41,00Andrew Lowe
301:58:12,00Mark Hudson
311:58:35,00Mundy Kilner
321:58:42,00Andrew Martindale
331:59:04,00James Birchall
341:59:11,00Ian Palfrey
351:59:44,00Hilary Hennah
361:59:52,00Richard Costain
372:00:06,00Vicki Greenall
382:00:52,00Jeff Heyes
392:01:08,00Joan Wilson
402:01:16,00Robert Emmerson
412:01:18,00Stephen Houghton
422:01:43,00Benjamin Lewis
432:01:43,00Jon Morgan
442:01:48,00Jessica Bagnall
452:01:53,00Tim Holloway
462:03:07,00Jenny Evans-Hill
472:03:42,00Dot Kesterton
482:04:14,00David Wilson
492:04:31,00Steven Beahan
502:05:19,00Catherine Tombs

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For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk