Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Finish time Participant
14512:50:57Rachel Tranter
14522:50:59Debbie McIntosh
14532:51:53Rob Hunt
14542:53:55Viki Dobbs
14552:54:46Rachel Warrener
14562:55:30Sophie Rhymes
14572:56:13Nasir Rashid
14582:56:14Colin Greenhalgh
14592:56:14Trevor Painter
14602:57:05Yana Richens
14612:57:39Rosie Olver
14622:58:22Mike Shaughnessy
14632:58:23Gary Shaughnessy
14642:59:35Charlotte Follos
14653:00:26Rebecca Davies
14663:01:14David Phillips
14673:01:16Charlotte Rodgers
14683:01:16Emily Cowdrey
14693:01:30Parveen Choudhary
14703:02:47Clare Flint
14713:02:47Leyla Rashid
14723:03:58Kelvin Elliott
14733:05:24Lisa Stoll
14743:05:24Oliver Stoll
14753:10:53Jessica Maryan-Ball
14763:18:26Sonia Cargill
14773:20:45Eilish Glavey
14783:22:12Darren Senior
14793:22:12Sharon Roberts
14803:23:06Lucy White
14813:40:28Alice O'Dell
--Darren Borthwick
--Christopher Walker
--Lydia Ward
--John Davies
--James Hands
--James Berriman
DNF-Lisa Rees

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