Montane Trail 10k & 13 Delamere 2019

Pos.Finish time Participant
11:14:13Mark Mckinstry
21:27:29Robert Walsh
31:27:44Nathan Vurgest
41:28:02Sean Mcafee
51:34:43Andy Whittaker
61:34:50Scott Croasdale
71:34:52James Taylor
81:34:55Mike Entwistle
91:34:57Colin Dobbs
101:35:00Sarah Ridehalgh
111:35:08Stephen Rookes
121:35:27Paul Ravenscroft
131:35:28Tom Duckers
141:35:32Liam Mcadam
151:36:38Ross Mcnair
161:36:47Andy Baines-Davies
171:37:00Warren Mcnally
181:37:41Chris Smith
191:37:52Ben Mews
201:38:02Chris Ingham
211:38:04Andrew Allen
221:38:15Daniel Payne
231:38:27Lee Hubert
241:39:02Xavier Soler
251:40:20Adam Land
261:40:24Nick Wishart
271:41:10Andy White
281:41:24Andrew Campbell
291:41:56John Dixon
301:41:58Mark Lightfoot
311:42:21Andy Hind
321:43:30Paul Brown
331:44:00Mark Hudson
341:44:16Chris Hopkins
351:44:22Michael Scowcroft
361:44:50Daniel Alexander
371:44:57David Stevenson
381:45:02Lenka Vidamour
391:45:02Lindsay Purdie
401:45:22Dale Halliwell
411:45:24Christian Hook
421:45:42Alan Wheelhouse
431:45:43Catherine Derbyshire
441:45:52Andy Milton
451:45:54Jennie Kirk
461:46:07Liam Whitehead
471:46:15Mark Cotton
481:46:18David Wilson
491:46:19Michael Thomas
501:46:46Neil Beckett

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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