Montane Trail 10k & 13 Delamere 2019

Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:59:24Jaeda Goodman
1022:00:30Tony Hulme
1032:00:38Andrea Scarborough
1042:00:38Rebecca Massey
1052:00:43Lisa Webb
1062:00:58June Harrison
1072:02:22Daniel Corthorn
1082:02:28Simon Duncan
1092:02:28Mike Harding
1102:02:28James Burley
1112:02:55Kelly Packham
1122:03:25Karl Jackson
1132:04:13Keith Drew
1142:04:23Jonathan Marsh
1152:04:25David Cowling
1162:04:41Jim Betts
1172:05:04Richard Querelle
1182:05:46Andrew Barnard
1192:07:03Bernard Mitchell
1202:07:39Daniel Sargent
1212:07:48Rachel Kuypers
1222:07:49Janine White
1232:07:57Sarah Massey
1242:08:24Mark Langley
1252:08:48John Langford
1262:08:54Jim Doyle
1272:08:56Dave Kirwin
1282:09:29Amanda Weston
1292:09:35Ren Smith
1302:09:49Tom Lowe
1312:11:10Nik Barnett
1322:11:12Peter Whitehead
1332:11:13Paula Hulme
1342:12:04Victoria Checkley
1352:12:28Sinead Cannon
1362:13:44Debra Cooper
1372:13:50Michelle Griffiths
1382:13:50Pauline Moorcroft
1392:13:51Lynn Melvin
1402:14:21Sue Formstone
1412:14:22Robin Darby
1422:14:46Lyn Langford
1432:15:10Russell Shoult
1442:15:57Christopher Ruston
1452:16:06Jacinta Sharp
1462:17:02Anthony Massey
1472:17:11Louise Withnell
1482:17:12Janet Wood
1492:17:44Sarah Barry
1502:17:44Lauren Blake

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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