19 July 2020

Sadly due to the current ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the Lions Club of Winslow has now decided to postpone the the North Bucks Bike Ride. We feel there is still too much uncertainty about the next few months and the time that we will need to ensure we have a successful new event. However, as soon as the situation is clarified, we intend to re-activate our planning for the Ride for 2021. For those of you that have already registered for the event, we will be contacting you by email via Results Base describing your options.

To all of you who have both shown interest in the event and participated in the series of Warm Up Rides, we very much appreciate you support. It gave us the enthusiasm to continue with our planning before the current crisis forced us to make this decision.

The Lions Club of Winslow have organised a 10K Run for several years to much acclaim by participants and described as an extremely well organised event. Building on this accolade we have teamed up with the local cycle club – Swan Wheelers and local British Cycling Breeze group to create this new event for Cyclists.

The intention is to create a day of cycling in the beautiful north Buckinghamshire countryside. We have not organised just one ride but in fact four, which should suit everyone from the serious competitive cyclist (sportive) to families including young children.

We have arranged to include two iconic tourist attractions in the form of Claydon Estate and House, a National Trust property as the start and finish of all the rides and the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in Quainton for refreshment stops for some of the rides. We have even included special discounted entrance tickets to Claydon House for all riders and free entry arrangements to the museum of the Railway Centre.

We plan to add to the ‘fun component’ of the event with a mix of catering outlets together with trade stalls and we understand that the National Trust will be laying on additional activities on the Claydon House lawn. Bring family and friends even if they are not participating to join in the fun!

The theme for all our (Lion Club) activities is to raise funds for international, national and local charities and this event will allow us to raise funds to include charities connected with mental health and help us to support local projects with Buckinghamshire Mind amongst others. We will use the registration fees to fund this donation and leave you to consider raising monies by individual sponsorship to whomever you feel worthy. Let us know who you plan to raise funds for (during registration) so we can see what other charities will be benefitting from our Ride.

Rides and entry fees

The 100km Sportive ride will appeal to experienced cyclists, club members and all those looking for a personal challenge while fundraising for a very worthy cause. The route has a total elevation of 2,840ft (866m) and includes a notorious climb into Brill village. It will be clearly signposted with three conveniently located refreshment stations. The route has been designed along the pleasant country roads of North Bucks which should be relatively free of traffic on a Sunday morning. However, some caution will be required when crossing the A41. There will be marshals at these junctions but nonetheless we still expect all participants to be confident cycling on public roads.

The 60km route offers a great introduction to the world of cycle ‘Sportives’. It includes all the delights of the 100km ride but much less demanding with a total elevation of 1,500ft (460m) while avoiding the A41 crossings and steepest climbs. It will be clearly signposted with two refreshment stations. The later start time allows for a more relaxing Sunday morning lie-in before setting off. This distance should also be within battery range for many e-bikes.

The 20km and 30km rides are much more leisurely compared to the Sportives. The whole family can enjoy an afternoon bike ride while also taking the opportunity to visit attractions at Claydon House, the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and Quainton Windmill. Both rides take a direct route to the refreshment station at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. From there, riders can choose to return to Claydon Estate along the same roads or follow the 30km signs if they are feeling energetic.

Ride Entrant Early Bird*
(Pre 17/4)
(17/4 -17/7)
Late Entry**
100 kilometres Individuals
(Incl. Under 16***)
£25 £30 £35
60 kilometres Individuals
(Incl. Under 16***)
£25 £30 £35
Family Ride (20 or 30k) Adults £10 £10 £13
Under 16*** £5 £5 £8

* All prices shown exclusive of the 6% On-Line Booking fee for bookings made via Results Base.

** Late entries can be registered on website. The late entry price includes fees and payment will be taken on the day and can be accepted in cash or credit/debit card.

*** All Participants must be aged 16 or over by the Event Date unless accompanied by a person over the age of 18.


All routes start and finish at Claydon Estate. Check website for details. You can download routes from the RidewithGPS site using the links below:

100k Sportive | 60k Sportive | 30k Family Ride | 20k Family Ride

Parking will be available in a large paddock accessible off the Botolph Claydon to Calvert Lane (DO NOT ATTEMPT to use the access to the National Trust Property, to the north, as there will not be sufficient parking available and it is much further away from the Registration Area).

Toilets, food and drinks are available at start / finish site in Claydon Estate and all refreshment stations. There will be a refreshment stop at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in Quainton with toilet facilities specifically for Riders and access to the museum’s café.

Mobile Assistance - Mechanical and medical support vehicles are available to respond to various problems along the route if required.


The Registration Desk will be open from 07:00 on the day (and close at 12:00).

Start Times*

100km Sportive 08:00 – 09:00

60 km Sportive 10:00 – 11:00

20 & 30 km Rides 11:00 – 12:00

*Riders can set off at any time between those displayed for the particular ride.

Close of day

We expect that all riders will be back by 15:00 to close off the courses and ensure all riders have returned to the finish. Closure of catering and attractions at Claydon Estate will be at 15:00. Event Car Park will be closed and locked at 18:00.

Full details available via the website.

 Event information
19 July 2020
Claydon Estate
Middle Clayton, Great Britain
See map below
100 km
Starts at 08:00

Price per participant
Through Apr 16, 2020 £25.00 + fee
From Apr 17, 2020 £30.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant
60 km
Starts at 10:00

Price per participant
Through Apr 16, 2020 £25.00 + fee
From Apr 17, 2020 £30.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant
20 km
Starts at 11:00

Adult 16+: Price per participant
Price £10.00 + fee
Child U16: Price per participant
Price £5.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant

North Bucks Bike Ride 2020

  • Claydon Estate
  • Middle Clayton
  • Great Britain

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