DSM Keep Challenging Series 2021

DSM Keep Challenging Series 2021

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15 June 2021 -
6 September 2021

Welcome to the DSM Keep Challenging Series

We want everyone to strive to be the best they can be. That’s why DSM and Team DSM have launched a series of fun cycling challenges for 2021 that you can take part in wherever you are in the world and regardless of your abilities.

Whilst Team DSM are taking on World Tour races, you will be tackling challenges as teams of eight (male, female or mixed) in a series that will test your fitness.

The season will begin with a warm-up challenge, testing how far you can ride in 60 minutes. Following this will be a competitive distance challenge, a sportive challenge, and an endurance test before a final secret challenge to end the season.

The DSM Keep Challenging Series is open to everyone, from first time cyclists to seasoned riders. You can cycle every day or just a few, with every outing contributing to your team’s efforts. With prizes for the top teams, and spot prizes throughout, there is an opportunity for everyone to take part.

Registration for new participants is now closed.

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The Challenges

15th - 21st June – Fitness Challenge

Let’s see what you can do! This warm-up challenge is simple: You have 60 minutes to see how far you can ride. Pick any time that suits you. Remember to wear a helmet, find a quiet, safe route, and record your ride using Wahoo, Strava or any GPS-based tracker that allows you to share ride data. The results of this Challenge can be seen HERE

26th June - 18th July – Distance Challenge

While Team DSM is competing in the Tour de France, we want your team to work together to cover the longest distance possible in 3 weeks. The team’s performance is determined by the aggregate of the top 6 of its members. Keep adding up the kilometers and supporting one another because this is a long one! The results of this Challenge can be seen HERE

30th July - 6th August – Sportive Challenge

It’s time to choose: You can select 60, 80 or 100 kilometers. The challenge is to complete whatever distance you choose in the least time in just one ride.

14th - 27th August – Endurance Challenge

You should be used to being on your bike by now but this will test your endurance. The teams which spend the most hours on their bikes in the 2-week period win. Again, a team’s performance is determined by the aggregate of the top 6 of its members.

1st - 7th September – Most Improved Challenge

Details of this final challenge will be revealed later in the year.

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15 June 2021
06 September 2021
Registration is closed

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