RAF Halton Sprint Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Craig Fines-Allin1:08:11
2Luke Preskett1:10:46
3Roger Seed1:11:21
4Tom Rogers1:11:51
5Kieren Jarratt1:11:55
6Mark Allison1:15:14
7James Powell1:16:29
8Daniel Stevens1:16:47
9Rob Barrows1:18:17
10Gerry Smith1:20:01
11George Humphreys1:20:09
12William Jarvis1:20:55
13Nicholas Wilson1:21:35
14Richard Barcock1:21:37
15Mike Wadsworth1:21:39
16Eugene Moriarty1:21:52
17Hilary Westall1:22:38
18Graham Foulkes1:23:14
19Chris Gaskell1:25:09
20Jane Port1:25:15
21Nathan Newbrook1:25:23
22Adrian Penwill1:25:26
23Alan Glyn-Jones1:25:37
24Lisa Jay1:25:41
25David How1:26:05
26Darren Peart1:26:09
27Clive Pittam1:26:19
28Phil Monaghan1:26:21
29Ben Marsh1:26:31
30Anna Fryer1:26:43
31Tony Nolan1:26:50
32Paul Martin1:27:30
33David Mills-Jenkins1:27:45
34Alastair Ames1:29:02
35Tony Barrows1:29:21
36Keir Ayling1:29:37
37Des Byrne1:29:56
38Neil Morris1:30:18
39Leendert Van de Linde1:30:31
40Rob Saunders1:30:44
41Mandy Carey1:30:45
42Jeremy Playle1:31:31
43Xenia Hoessl1:31:39
44Thomas Gaskell1:31:48
45Mark Bradley1:32:16
46Gary Sparkes1:32:30
47Paul James1:33:34
48Daniel Scott1:33:55
49Cathy Chaplin1:34:41
50Alan Hutcherson1:34:44

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: clair.evans@renniegrove.org