Custom medals and awards

Custom medals and awardsIf there's one thing that businesses have learned from the disruption of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic it's that you need to be able to adapt, and quickly. With a serious lack of real events to work on we have been expanding our portfolio to cover virtual races and also to provide addition services direct to organisers who are operating these and other smaller events that have avoided the lockdown.

The latest service we can provide is the production of custom medals, awards, plaques and trophies. These are cut from FSC-sourced 6mm ply or acrylic and can be produced in exact qualtities and on very short lead times. This has proved a lifesaver for a number of events where their normal route for obtaining medals wasn't possible and they had no real idea of the quantity required until late in the day. For a traditionally sourced metal medal the production and shipping timescales meant either risking having boxes of unused ones or running short on the day. Plus, with a wooden medal that's locally produced from European materials there's the added dimension of a smaller carbon footprint as well.

Check out some of the medals, plaques, coasters and trophies that we have been turning out on our gallery page - if you can draw it then the laser can cut it out! Intricate designs and interlocking elements are just a matter of telling it which bits to cut and which to leave - there's no costly custom mould development and committment to large numbers.

To discuss your requirement drop an email to the team via and they will get back to you with a quote and samples.


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