Tour of Milton Keynes 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
5146:47Katie Penrose
5247:00George Olney
5347:08Alan Roberts
5447:13Maria Calleia
5547:18Kelvin Smith
5648:15David Cooper
5748:20Amy Inchley
5848:49Melanie Wright
5948:54Douglas Yabsley
6048:59Debra Brent
6149:14Ian Davey
6249:15Alastair Cameron
6349:21Sarah Lawrence
6449:33Samantha Moroney
6549:37Keith Cook
6649:38Kevin Church
6749:42Siobhan Dyer
6850:09Dennis Verhoeven
6950:31Caroline Beechey
7050:48Victoria Kirschner-Heavens
7151:01Lilli Stickley
7251:50Karen Camidge
7352:29Jim Miller
7452:34David Findel-hawkins
7552:46Peter Tye
7653:10Sasha Oj
7753:26Marnie Byles
7853:27Stephen Dearn
7953:31Richard Wardman
8053:31Amanda Holland
8154:06Paul Cobbett
8254:34Andy Harrison
8355:21Christine Ryder
8455:53Jenny Dowling
8556:23Arianna Pisetti
8656:33Fiona Towell
8756:36Noreen Mccarrlor
8857:17David Storer
8957:36Niam Hani
9057:37Brian Daniells
9158:00Simon Booth
9258:10Constance Hobbs
9358:12David Grey
9458:47Fiona Robinson
9559:02Emma Lilley
9659:14Karen Bugaj
971:00:50Vanessa Stride
981:01:19Tom Webb
991:01:25Louise Diaz
1001:01:44Hazel Cockerill

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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