Cyprus International 4-Day Challenge 2015


Pos.Chip time Participant
5144:17Kevin Mace
5244:28Michael Holland
5244:28Jacquie Barlow
5444:31Nicholas Bradley
5544:44Farzad Ghadamian
5644:56Samantha Scott
5745:04Lucy Zirbser
5845:22David Gray
5945:47Howard Roden
6045:48Mark Taylor
6045:48Lieven Coppejans
6245:55Simon Elliott
6245:55Christian Gillman
6445:56Katrine Andersson
6546:05Yves Lippens
6646:08Steven Spiteri
6646:08Stephen Jobson
6846:12Stephen Bright
6946:19Hiroko Ogawa
7046:28Anne Davidson
7146:38Kenny Blyth
7246:45Robert Muller
7246:45Werner Bopp
7446:46Nicola Morris
7446:46Odilia Mathys Borali
7446:46Charlotte Todd
7746:54Wolfgang Rossius
7846:58David Dagenais
7947:01Jonathan Saunderson
8047:32Melvyn Cooper
8147:52Roland Salvisberg
8147:52Helen Heycock
8347:54Joseph Gutkowski
8448:02Florian Friedrichs
8548:06Steffen Schindler
8648:13Suzanna Cox
8748:14Paul Alford
8848:17Franz Bauernfeind
8948:20Manfred Friedrichs
9048:26James Kyriacopoulos
9148:27Colin Carter
9248:29John O'really
9348:45Loucas Anastasiou
9448:55Glyn Jenkins
9548:58Jan Kimpen
9649:10Thomas Augustsson
9749:12Loucas Gerimou
9849:20Mary Patricia Fry
9849:20Marika Berels
10049:30Andrew Howgate

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.