Run Portlethen Women’s 5 mile 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
5147:56Vicky McGillivray
5247:59Ruth Maxwell
5348:00Kristi Wellburn
5448:23Sara Mcdowell
5548:25Louise Pirie
5648:27Angela Guthrie
5748:31Diane Robertson
5848:39Rachael Cutler Howie
5948:41Catriona Morrison
6048:42Emma Curry
6149:06Lobke Starr-Vaanholt
6249:23Claire Jessiman
6349:46Andrea Watt
6450:14Wendy Leaper
6550:16Alyson Thomson
6650:21Joanna Macdonald
6750:45Anne McDonald
6850:57Adanna Watson
6951:03Leigh Mcmillan
7051:13Naomi Milne
7051:13Marion Heeps
7251:21Karen Adams
7251:21Brenda Burden
7451:25Kimberley Rose
7551:32Lynn Fish
7651:56Jackie Currie
7751:58Josephine Steed
7852:45Roberta Ross
7952:48Rhona Moore
8052:54Shilpa Nagaraj
8153:03Laura Southern
8253:27Lorna Souden
8353:32Debbie Foreman
8453:36Lauren McPherson
8553:39Jane MacAskill
8653:41Clare Tierney
8753:45Emily Horne
8853:47Sharon Blair
8953:52Lesley Young
9053:53Mopelola Oyetunji
9154:10Morag McGowan
9254:11Laura Gibb
9354:22Margaret Reid
9455:50Karen Anderson
9556:01Anne Hingston
9656:03Suzanne Murdoch
9756:06Ayuzinta Nawi
9856:13Fiona Saunders
9956:22Louise Mcelhatton
10058:58Angela McDonald

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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