Chip timeParticipant
5:47:14Beverley Wakefield
4:11:59Colin Walker
3:42:39Kevin Walker
4:04:00Joe Wallace
4:55:42Sarah Walton
4:55:57Steven Walton
4:40:53Mel Wardle
3:58:56Robert Wardle
4:19:02Russell Wareing
4:59:36Emily Warner
4:59:35Phill Warner
5:49:42Anna Watkin
4:12:14Lesley Watson
3:43:45Mick Watson
3:55:23Mhairi Wear
4:01:44David Weatherhead
5:30:42Charles Webb
4:02:33Joanna Webb
5:32:45Gemma Webster
5:24:06Tony Wedgwood
5:39:26Louisa Weeks
4:46:31Becky Weight
3:47:37Tony Westbury
4:15:25Mark Westman
4:59:36Emma Westmancott
4:06:36Robert Weymouth
5:03:27Terry Whatson
4:14:13Phil Whitehurst
4:35:51Richard Whitehurst
5:15:13Jan Willacy
3:51:09Russell Willett
4:26:02Amanda Williams
5:32:45Laura Williams
4:36:32Michael Williams
4:31:27Neil Williams
3:32:49Stephen Williams
4:29:57Andy Williamson
4:14:45Chris Wilson
3:48:33Matthew Wilson
4:08:25Viv Winter
4:00:39Richard Witt
3:44:13Mark Wood
4:34:41Stephen Woodend
4:48:38Tony Woods
4:27:06Anthony Wooldridge
4:10:02Peter Wormleighton
4:47:58Cath Worth
4:59:38Graham Wright
4:40:57Jonathan Wright
4:03:48Laura Wright

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.