Pos.Chip time Participant
12:38:13Team The Running Hub
22:39:27Team Team Move
32:45:06Team Lfr B Team
42:53:22Team Premature Acceleration
52:54:37Team Sub 3 Or Bust
62:57:53 Shenley Striders
73:01:38Team The Dirty Boys
83:02:43Team Bucks Beasts
93:03:16Team "sweat, Regret And Oxygen Debt"
103:08:02Team Lfr Race Ventura
113:24:10Team Dla Team A
123:25:14Team Gtlh
133:26:03Team Borough Boys
143:28:06Team Team Buckingham
153:28:17 The Running Hub Relay Squad
163:31:30Team Mayhem Bitches
173:33:26Team Lost In Pace
183:33:54Team It's All About The Coffee
193:36:34Team Legs Miserables
203:37:30Team City Runners
213:37:53Team Dla Team C
223:40:13 May The 4 Be With You
233:40:32Team Rickstaræs Followers
243:40:50Team Bac Team H
253:42:51Team Mk Trainer Ladies
263:43:13Team Dla Team B
273:43:16Team Are The Pubs Open Yet
283:44:54Team Croft Runners And Plodders
293:45:32Team Long Distance Relay-Tionship
303:47:36Team Fantastic Flyers
313:47:46Team 2km = 1 Cake
323:48:50Team Bac Team E
333:50:01Team Beware The Gin Reaper
343:50:44Team Cirque Du Sorelegs
353:50:50Team Right This Time
363:55:35Team Jogger-Nauts
373:55:36Team Not Over The Hill Yet
383:55:44 Wellingborough & District Ac G3A
393:56:58 Wellingborough & District Ac G3B
403:57:26Team Just Here For The Freebies
413:57:31 Hazlmere Runners Are We There Yet?
423:57:38Team #whoruntheworld
433:59:13Team Sole Mates
444:02:04Team Kop Rc 2
454:04:11Team Blue's & Two's
464:04:12Team Charlieæs Angels Attempt #3
474:04:23Team Longterm Relay-Tionship!
484:05:10Team Team Henn
494:05:19 No Team Name Given
504:05:26Team Simon's Angels

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