Privacy policy

Your data, and what we do with it

When you use the Results Base service to enter an event there are three places on the Results Base system where we hold data about you: the profile, the athlete record and the event record.

The profile

This is your ‘account’ on the system and is where we store information about the account holder. This information will typically include your first and last name, your primary address, your company, your email and your primary contact telephone number. You create this record when you set up a profile on Results Base and you always have full and complete access to the information stored via the login (typically an email address) and password that you set up when you registered the profile.

If you forget your password, you can use the FORGOT PASSWORD function to request a secure link to create a new one – the link is emailed to the registered profile email address.

We will communicate with you using this email address to send you receipts for any events that you enter and to get in touch with you if there is an issue with an event entry that we cannot use the athlete or event record for. An example might be that you have forgotten to update your athlete record email or postal address when you updated your profile address.

There is an opt-in capability for the profile to receive marketing information from Results Base but this is only for internal service communications and will never be used for third party (eg event organisers) communication. If you have opted-in you can always change this back to the default, which is to be opted out.

If you accidentally (or deliberately) create more than one profile you have the option of being able to merge them together. No two profiles can have the same email address.

Deleting your profile

Under GDPR (and other similar regulations covering individual data protection) you are entitled to have your entire profile and any associated data removed from our system. If you perform this deletion, it is important that you realise that all personal data bound to your profile will be deleted, and any orders, results, etc. will be permanently anonymized, so they are no longer identifiable.

Your profile will be permanently deleted and you will no longer be able to log in to Results Base. A profile deletion also implies that if you have made entries for any future events, you will most likely not be able to attend because you will have prevented the organiser from knowing who you are. If, after deleting your profile, you have any questions about previous orders, payments, results or similar, we will not be able to help you, as we will no longer be able to confirm your identity.

Please be aware that the deleting your profile will include deleting ALL participants belonging to your profile. If, for instance, you have entered friends or family or club mates using your profile, these athletes and their results will be included in the deletion!

To request a profile deletion you need to log in to your Results Base profile and select Privacy from the My Area menu - you can do that through this link. There is a section bottom right headed Deletion of your data and a button to initiate the process.

Please note that this is the only way to request a profile deletion, general emails will not be accepted nor will third party requests made on your behalf.

The athlete record

When you create a profile on the system you will also automatically create an athlete record in the same name and with the same address, email and telephone number. The athlete record additionally holds your date of birth, your gender and your club and may also contain images that you have uploaded or linked.

You can add additional athletes to your profile: for example, family members, club mates, members of a relay team, etc. Each additional athlete is created as a separate athlete record.

The profile owner can manage, update and disable athletes within their profile. It is possible for an athlete to exist in more than one profile – for example, you will be an athlete in your own profile but you might also have been part of a team created by someone else and/or be part of a club entry made by your sports club and so additionally be an athlete in one or more other profiles. Note that it is always the profile owner who manages the athlete data.

A profile can also contain multiple versions of an athlete – for example you might have an athlete record for your running events using one club name and another for your multisport events using a different club name. You might have one athlete with a home address and a second version with a work address.

Athlete records can be hidden from access, they are made inaccessible to the profile. It is also possible to make an athlete ‘anonymous’ by using one of the privacy options (see the main FAQ page for instructions on updating your entry Ticket). Anonymous athletes will not actually be removed from existing results for the simple reason that it would change all the positions, etc but will be replaced by ‘Name Witheld’ or an equivalent in all results and participant list that are visible to the public for that event entry. Please note that using the privacy settings affects the public view of the information, the organiser of the event will still be able to see your real name – they have to be able to in order to manage your event entry!

The event record

When you enter an event, the system takes information from your selected athlete record(s) and adds additional information that has been requested by the organiser. The resulting information set is stored in the event record.

Additional information may include your affiliation number for a sports body (BTF/UKA/etc), your T-shirt size and emergency contact and medical alerts. The organiser may also ask supplementary questions regarding the event and your related interests. In most cases the profile owner has direct access to the information collected and can update and amend as required.

NOTE: Medical and emergency contact information will be permanently deleted from the event record approximately 7-10 days after the even has happened.

If the organiser wishes to send you information regarding other events, services, third part promotions, etc then they are required to ask you to opt-in to these as part of the process.

If you have opted-in to receiving these communications, you can at any time choose to opt-out by contacting the organisers or by using the ‘opt-out’ link at the bottom of any communication sent via Results Base. Please note that if the organiser is using a third-party system to mail you we are not able to provide access to this, you will need to contact the service provider.

Information collected from the event record will be used to produce a participant list for the event and results for the event, both may appear online.

Getting a copy of your data

One of the new GDPR requirements is that the individual has the right to see all the personal data that has been collected from them and there is an option for this on your profile’s Privacy page. The report will contain all the personal data related to that profile and it will be delivered in the form of a PDF document. Note that this document is not emailed out to you, a link to it will be sent to the profile owner’s registered email address.

The report does not contain ‘derived’ data such as the results of events that you have entered, it only contains the data that was collected directly from you. You have direct access to these already via your profile and the normal Results Base event results pages.

Cookies and associated meta data

When you use and visit Results Base website, you agree to the use of the following cookies at the same time (small text files stored on your computer when visiting our website).

When you click on our website, we use some cookies, among other things, to improve the user experience on the website, and to collect statistics for optimization and improvements.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics that uses cookies to collect and create statistics for the use of our pages. Among other things, we use the information to see the use of our pages, the amount of traffic at our various events, etc. In this way, we have a better chance of improving and refining the pages and the tectonic infrastructure for the benefit of our users. The statistics are also used for our race organizers who may be interested in knowing the interference of their events.

All collected statistics are anonymous and we do not bind your Analytics data with your profile.

Facebook Connect

If you have chosen to link your Results Base account to your Facebook account we will store a token which allows us to validate your Facebook account.


If you have created a profile in our system or been logged in before, we will remember your username for the next time you visit our site. This will make it easier for you to log in the next time you visit us. The information is not used for other purposes.

If you have chosen to remember your entire login (so you do not have to log in at all the next time you visit us), this will also be saved as a cookie.

Favourites and preferences

If you select participants for a race as favourites or change some display settings on the site, some of them are saved as cookies to be remembered for your next visit.

How to delete cookies

You can delete cookies on your computer at any time or completely turn it off. Choose one of the following guides depending on which browser you are using.

Note that if you also turn off session cookies, some of our services will not be available to you.

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When do we share information?

We do not sell or share your personal information with third parties other than those who have contracted us to collect that data. If you are entering a race through our system the data we collect will be provided to the organiser of that event but it will not be available to any other organiser or third party.

A number of other organisations have links on our site. If you link to their sites, they may collect information. Such sites are not within our control and are not covered by this privacy statement.

If we believe that your use of the website is unlawful or damaging to others, we reserve the right to disclose the information we have obtained through the site about you to the extent that it is reasonably necessary in our opinion to prevent, remedy or take action in relation to such conduct.

Financial information

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

We do not store any of your financial information on our servers. Your financial data is passed directly to one of our payments gateway partners (ePay or Stripe) for processing and is never stored in our databases or on our servers. The payment gateway provider used for your transaction depends on the relationship that Results Base has with the organiser of the event you are entering, during late 2021 and throughout 2022 the majority of our organisers will be migrating to the Stripe platform.

Both ePay and Stripe are certified to the highest level of the PCI standard, which requires compliance with more than 200 security controls. For more information about security on the ePay gateway please click HERE. For information about Stripe please click HERE

General security

We are committed to protecting your information online. All transactions taking place within this website that concern your private information will be protected via Secure Sockets Layer. Before entering personal or payment information please ensure your browser is operating a secure session. Check the status bar for a padlock symbol or the web address to start with https://.

ResultsBase Live app

When you are using the ResultsBase Live app, no data is collected about you or your phone by default.

We may periodically gather anonymous usage statistics, which will be used exclusively to monitor the traffic on our infrastructure, and the statistics can not be traced back to a user in any way.

The app contains functionality to track you via the GPS in your phone at the races you participate in, to allow family, friends, etc., to follow you on the course. This requires an active choice on your part, and will never happen without your consent and knowledge.

ResultsBase does not exchange any app information with third parties, with the exception of our app developer who is responsible for running our online infrastructure and keeping the app running.

The app does not contain any paid advertisements.

Privacy policy

Revised 15 June 2023 (#5)