Pos.Chip time Participant
10125:59Tor Goldfield
10226:02Stephen Cousina
10326:06Mick Troughton
10426:08Katy Proctor
10526:23David Nevill
10626:28Camila Frost
10726:29Maria Kold Ehlers
10826:30Kwok Lee
10926:32Zoe Cherryman
10926:32Nick Parsons
11126:33Patrick Rosenburg
11226:42Ginette Price
11326:53Matt Roff
11426:55Sarah James
11527:07Tim Roff
11627:08Rachel Allison
11727:12Jessica Carter
11827:13Sarah Hartley
11827:13David Haines
12027:23Callum Waddell
12127:30Bernard Naressi
12227:31Andy Webb
12327:33Dominic Furlong
12427:35Laura vickers
12527:37Emma Forbes
12527:37Lenny Buxton
12727:39Luna Armstrong
12827:41James Barber
12827:41David Briaris
13027:47Mehmet Tepeli
13127:48Martina Pickin
13227:53Gary Cambell-Smith
13327:54Joe Shanahan
13427:58Graeme Wotherspoon
13528:01Ivan De Berardinis
13628:04Daisy Vasanthakumar
13728:05Dani Sive
13728:05Damian Brewer
13928:07Jake Hambleton
14028:12Sarah Gathergood
14128:22Shelagh Robinson
14228:28Bethany Smith
14328:32Karen Lobo
14428:35David Fox
14528:38Daniel West
14628:45Claire Gounder
14728:46Jonathan Bose
14828:48Jasmin Blundell
14928:49Rachael Lewis
15028:54Carolina Vega

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: brightonandhovefrontrunners@gmail.com