The Results Base LiveTiming app is designed to make timing your events easy. Intended for use in situations where using chip timing is either too expensive or not appropriate it offers a simple, effective solution for organisers and yet delivers the same quality live results for the customer.

The LiveTiming app is an integral part of the Results Base portfolio of timing solutions and as such can be used on its own or as part of a larger solution. It all works together, seamlessly.

The heart of the system is the Results Base website where your event data will live. Our website can provide a full online entry service for you, manage the assignment of race numbers and email competitors their race information all from a common admin panel. If you are using a different method to collect entries you will still be able to use these management and email services once you have uploaded your data to our website through a simple interface.

The system allows for on-the-day entries to be taken and for event management such as people switching between races, adding or changing club affiliation or needing a new number. These functions are handled using a laptop connected to the internet at the venue in the same way that you will have managed the data prior to the event back at the office.

At race time the LiveTiming app comes into action as it allows you to collect the race start times and then to capture race numbers at the finish line. As soon as a number is captured that person's time is available online and can be viewed either through a traditional web page or our tailored mobile service. Results are calculated in real time with overall, age category and gender positions being constantly updated.

If your race has split points or is a multisport event with transition zones you can time all of these simply by having more devices with the app loaded. There is no practical limit to the number of devices that you can have across a venue (or even remotely) and because our charging model is based on the athlete and not the app there is no additional cost associated with having more devices.

During an event it is possible to update or correct data that has been collected and the website will reflect these changes.

All the normal Results Base services are available as part of the LiveTiming solution so you can download PDF formatted results, prize lists, personalised certificates and more. You can even run a commentator display for your announcer!

The Results Base website also has a new mobile-friendly results module which means that your competitors also get access to the results through a lightweight optimized interface. No need for a results screen and ticket printer, it’s all live on their phones. And that includes all the positions, speed and pace.

The LiveTiming app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the normal app stores for those devices. No charge is made for downloading the app as its use is locked to unique event keys on the Results Base website. If you would like to try the app out please email us at and we will arrange a test event for you.

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Please note that for live results the devices running the app must be able to connect to the internet. LiveTiming will capture data locally and upload later if there is no 3G or WiFi internet connection available at the event venue.