Alongside our custom bib printing service, Results Base has invested in an in-house production system that allows us to make custom wooden medals, plaques and trophies using a laser cutter. The system will also engrave and cut other materials such as metal and acrylic - it's a beast!

We can work direct from your artwork (preferably in Adobe Illustrator's .ai format) or help you create a design from scratch. And these can be complex - the SixPack Family Challenge plague is cut like a jigsaw with the individual elements locking into place. The development cost and production timescale for doing this as a cast medal would be substantial but with the laser cutter it's just a case of tweaking the software!

All the materials used are fully recyclable and the wood itself comes from FSC approved sustainable sources which is all environmentally friendly - and we can make them to exact quantities in batches so you'll never need to over-order making it even more economical. Should you get a last minute rush and sell out it's a simple process to make more and deliver them direct - unlike custom cast medals where there will be minimum quantities and shipping delays.


Here's a few examples of work that we have done so far, please contact us direct via for a quote and samples. Please note that some of these designs are for client demonstration only and are not necessarily commissioned work.