UPDATE: This page refers to the Booking Protect service and not to the new XCover option which replaces it for entries after 1st August 2023 For information about XCover please see this FAQ page.

What is Booking Protection?

Booking Protection, a service administered by Booking Protect, is an optional extra that enables you to cover the cost of your event entry against unforseen circumstances. If you sign up to an event through Results Base and that event offers Booking Protect, you can contact Booking Protect to file a refund application and receive compensation in the event that you are unable to take part.

What is covered with Booking Protection?

Booking Protect covers the entry fee – this means the entry price and booking fee for entering the event.

What circumstances are covered by Booking Protection?

The core circumstances covered by Booking Protect (subject to their T&Cs) are:

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions that prevent you from taking part in the event (includes pregnancy)
  • Death, accident or illness to you or your immediate family
  • Adverse weather conditions which prohibit you from attending
  • Private vehicle breakdown, fire and theft
  • Public transport disruption or failure
  • Jury service or court summons
  • Summoned unexpectedly by armed forces
  • Redundancy or relocation
  • Burglary or fire at your residence

Full terms and conditions about what is covered are available on the offer at checkout.

Booking Protect and Coronavirus / COVID-19

Please see this document regarding the current Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic: Coronavirus-Guidance.pdf

How do I add Booking Protection to my entry?

To protect your entry simply select the option to add it to your purchase on the checkout page.

How do I make a refund application?

You submit a refund application via Booking Protect’s online portal: www.bookingprotect.com/refund

When will I receive the refund payment?

After an application has been processed and approved (Booking Protect may require supporting documentation), Booking Protect transfers the funds directly to your bank account.

Can I cancel my Booking Protection option?

Yes, you can contact Booking Protect to cancel your protection up to 14 days after you made the booking – no questions asked. To cancel visit this page and fill out the form.

Can I add Booking Protection after I have entered the event?

No, Booking Protect can only be purchased during event registration.

Do I have to take the Booking Protection option?

No, Booking Protect is a purely optional addition.

What is the cost of the Booking Protection option?

Because of the range of events that Results Base provides entry services for it's not possible to give a general price. Each event entry will be given a live quote from the Booking Protect system during the entry process.

What about event merchandise or other items I purchased during the entry process?

Any additional items purchased, such as merchandise, optional extras or donations to charity, are not covered and will not be refunded even if your claim is accepted.

How does this affect the event organiser's withdrawals policy?

It doesn’t. This just gives you an additional chance to get a refund if you can’t make it to the event. The event organiser's normal withdrawals policy will still apply and you should check their terms and conditions of entry to see if they offer an alternative.