Some event organisers may issue voucher codes to provide a discounted entry (this could be either a percentage or a fixed amount taken off the cost of an entry) or a free entry (which is usually only for the entry cost and does not include extras like SMS messages or merchandise items which will still need to be paid for, and so may still attract a booking fee).

Your voucher code has to be input and validated on the final screen of the entry process - that's the page where you see the order summary and have to tick the various terms and conditions boxes.

The voucher code box may be hidden, if it is you need to click the bar that says 'Got a discount voucher?' to drop the box down.

You'll now get a box (we have highlighted this with a red border) into which you can type or paste the voucher code (we have entered DEMOVOUCHER as an example) and you now need to click the 'USE VOUCHER' button to validate it.

If the voucher is valid the appropriate discount will be applied to the order (see below, we have highlighted this with a red border) and you can then proceed to payment using the green 'TO PAYMENT' button. Note that you must still go to payment even if the order value is now £0 - this is what actually processes the order and generates a receipt.

NOTE: if you forget to click the 'USE VOUCHER' button the order value will not be updated and your next screen will be the normal payment screen at the full price. At this stage the order is in the system but as long as you do not complete the payment process we will be able to fix this for you. Close the payment screen without entering any card details and 15-20 minutes later you will get an 'unpaid order' email. Contact the online support team via and provide your name, the order number and the voucher code you should have used and we will fix the order so you can pay the correct price. You can get the order number from your profile: go to the My area menu and select Your orders. Identify the order number from the list of orders that you have placed and ensure that you include this and the voucher code when you email us.