Brooks Hellrunner 'Hell Down South' 2014


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:14:51Flash Gordon
21:14:51Joseph Dale
31:18:35Ross Macdonald
41:20:53David Hellard
51:21:29Adam Teszke
61:23:08Nick Wood
71:23:10Tom Room
81:24:39Freddie Leatham
91:24:39James Ferguson
101:25:02Robert Tansey
111:25:21Richard La Cock
121:25:28Ian Malcolm
131:25:35Ben Jones
141:25:53Andrew Whittle
151:26:00Sam Robinson
161:26:45Dale Robinson
171:27:05Chris Birch
181:27:13Harry Watler
191:27:17Simon Hearnden
201:27:26ED Laver
211:27:32Alexander Marek
221:27:49Rory Spicer
231:27:53Paul Heath
241:28:51Blake Mitchell
251:29:14Jamie Duff
261:29:15Ian Plowright
271:29:17Lee Pickup
281:29:17Gavin Collins
291:29:19Rob Mitchell
301:29:21Roger Clark
311:29:28Kevin West
321:29:28Tom Pace
331:30:07Peter Renvoize
341:30:39Will Hodges
351:30:41Scott Smith
361:30:47Jason Paton-smith
371:31:09Warren Beadle
381:31:29Chris Heyn
391:31:42Nicholas Woods
401:31:58Stephen Wright
411:32:10Shane Bridgman
421:32:15Jackie Field
431:32:44Oliver Brend
441:32:47Chris Campbell
451:33:30Daniel Whitmarsh
461:33:42Jack Mason
471:33:46Phillip Young
481:33:46Iain Green
491:33:59Henry Davey
501:33:59Richard Murphy

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