When your entry was uploaded to the Results Base Virtual Timing platform, the system will have sent you an email that contained a direct link to your entry 'Ticket'. Using this link is the simplest way to enter a time/distance for your run as it takes you directly to the correct screen.

If you didn't get the email (it probably went into a spam/junk folder so it's worth looking in those) you can still get to the right place via your Ticket.

Accessing your data on Results Base

To get to your registration on Results Base you first need to log in to your profile (https://resultsbase.net/profile/login/) where an account has been set up with a login of your email address. If you have previously used Results Base to enter events, then you will probably already have a password. If you don’t, or you have forgotten it, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option to set one up.

Once logged in you will see a My Area option in the menu bar at the top of the page, this is your Profile, and under this will be a section called 'Your tickets'. One of these, it may be the only one, will be your entry to the MK Marathon Virtual Version 2021.

We suggest that you bookmark your ticket as you will want to come back here again!

Recording your run or walk

Each time you complete a run or walk, head to your Ticket using the method above (or the bookmark you created) and click the ENTER YOUR RESULT button. This takes you to your personal summary page (NOTE any times already recorded will be at the bottom of the page below the map) and you now click ADD RESULT at the top right.

The page you now see is the where you record the distance and time taken for your activity. Don’t forget, you’ll need to add an image of your GPS device or a link to wherever you record your runs, i.e. Strava or Fitbit, etc.

If you have questions

Please see the main Virtual Run instructions page which covers all the ways that you can record distances and times. If you have additional questions then please see the Virtual FAQ page as well.