Race To The Stones 2014


Pos.Finish time Participant
19:04:16Scott Forbes
29:06:15Wyclef Forbes
39:21:13Max Willcocks
49:48:35Jack Blackburn
59:50:15John Melbourne
69:52:35Ryan Barker
79:52:35Ryan Barker
810:17:38Ed Melbourne
910:17:44Peter Kirk
1010:20:51David Pryce
1110:21:59Mark Walker
1210:22:54Malcolm Jackson
1310:26:40Jonni Suckling
1410:27:24Chris Gilbert
1510:28:04Simon Triscott
1610:28:16Steve Attwood
1710:31:40Craig Western
1810:34:15Peter Abraham
1910:35:18Michael Clifford
2010:37:59James Poole
2110:38:01Sorrell Walsh
2210:40:09Barnaby Hopson
2310:41:55Toby Froschaue
2410:43:55Mark Rose
2510:44:00Chris Howe
2610:44:04George Bownes
2710:45:45Julia Donovan
2810:48:55Jonny Scott
2910:51:48Maryclaire Tweedy
3010:53:43Joseph Dale
3110:54:28Adam Chapman
3210:56:20Oliver Campbell
3310:58:25Zoe Salt
3411:09:06Jamie Pugh
3511:10:05Richard Bryars
3611:15:05Jim Seaton
3711:17:30John Gilman
3811:21:08Richard Bettles
3911:22:47Matthew Smith
4011:24:29Andy Day
4111:28:34Josh Wadlington
4211:32:29Rannelle Mccoy
4311:44:31Jens Wittrowski
4411:47:31Lee Harwood
4511:47:37Neil Coggins
4611:48:19Michael Donnelly
4711:49:08Andrew Finn
4811:51:38Steven Reid
4911:53:15Thomas Kirk
5011:54:16Matthew Kiddle

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