Tynedale 10 Mile Jelly Road Race


Pos.Finish time Participant
156:00Cees Van Der Land
256:15Ian Crampton
356:25Conrad Franks
456:42Lee Bennett
557:25Philip Sanderson
657:43Sam Hancox
758:15Jordan Bell
858:21Bradley Clough
958:40Keith Robertshaw
1058:54Paul Besford
1159:00Paul 'o''mara'
1259:03Paul Waterson
1359:05Gary Wallace
1459:21David Moir
1559:22Finn Brodie
1659:46Matthew Boyle
1759:51Paul Turner
181:00:01Phil Walker
191:00:18Sparrow Morley
201:00:47Paul Redman
211:00:54Rob Hancox
221:01:10Stephen Barker
231:01:27Alan Thompson
241:01:35John Hurse
251:01:43Mark Turnbull
261:02:21Andy Graham
271:02:35Mark Prendergast
281:02:44Martin Connelly
291:02:46Anthony Hunt
301:02:54Magnus Mcgillivray
311:03:30John Stephens
321:03:42Richie Hughes
331:04:31Luke Bryant
341:04:32Iain Hardy
351:04:35Gary Atkinson
361:04:37Paul Robertson
371:04:46Ian Norman
381:05:04Matthew Archer
391:05:14Mark Powell
401:05:22Simon Jobe
411:05:27Paul Robinson
421:05:38Colin Williams
431:05:40Alasdair Blain
441:05:47Gavin Bayne
451:06:01John Tollitt
461:06:05George Rudman
471:06:10Carl Watson
481:06:11Steven Dickson
491:06:13Kevin Lister
501:06:13Louise Rodgers

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