Milton Keynes Marathon 2012


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:41:54Dave Mitchinson
22:44:13Stephen Richardson
32:45:05Tom Drake
42:47:58Stephen Wright
52:49:02Max Dillon
62:50:59Carl Sommer
72:51:56Jonathan Hall
82:52:56Simon Lee Cresswell
92:54:39Adam Holland
102:54:48Richard Milner
112:55:58Ryan Tomlinson
122:56:00Dave Bailey
132:56:43Richard Coles
142:57:05Edward Sivills
152:57:14Johan Levin
162:57:44Adam Bowller
172:57:46Christopher Westcott
182:57:57Andrew Davies
192:58:00David Doherty
202:58:28Adam Mitchell
212:59:13Lee Thorp
222:59:48Scott Aiken
232:59:57Martin Rowe
243:00:11Simon Egan
253:00:35Yvette Grice
263:00:35Edward Price
273:00:46Simon Laver
283:00:49Ady King
293:00:53Matthew Cheyney
303:01:01Mark George
313:01:01Mark Boulton
323:01:19Nick Styring
333:01:24Philip Teece
343:01:35Stefano Dardi
353:01:55Jane Ovington
363:01:57Patrick Mcguirk
373:02:04Barnaby Hopson
383:02:53Ollie Williams
393:03:08Gill Fullen
403:03:08David Ross
413:03:21Michael Gilkes
423:03:39Alex Boyce
433:03:43Gary Whitehouse
443:03:49David Waller
453:03:54David Mccoy
463:04:13Mark Dowson
473:04:15Antony Hopwood
483:04:19Martin Beare
493:04:21Roger Reid
503:04:26Andrew Cross

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