Littlehampton Waterfront Festival Swims 2015 §


Pos.Finish time Participant
139:27Tomasz Kruk
241:10Gemma Cumber
342:53Matt Hagger
442:57Liz Mcdougall
543:00Bruno Bamberger
643:05Nicole Patterson-Lett
743:09Claire Townsend
843:52Steve Wand
944:57Nikki Gatland
1045:04Phil Williams
1145:17Richard Thomas
1245:23Simon Taylor
1345:59Anthony Towers
1446:38Brian Wilson
1546:57Glenn Parisi
1648:00Kim Fenner
1748:35Del Jenkins
1850:09Marianne Clark
1951:02Daryl Hagedorn
2051:06Gregor Ross
2152:37Joe Davey
2252:45Robin Piddock
2352:48Alison Wilson
2453:21Gavin Sewell
2554:48Leigh Owens
2654:51Richard Croydon
2754:54James Twohig
2855:32Martin Owens
2955:54Martin Hawkins
3056:00Mike Johnstone
3156:11Trevor Harvey
3256:19Rob Phelps
3356:49Clive Harvey
3457:17Matthew Cumber
3557:39Robert Skerrett
361:02:33Andy Collins
371:02:39Jacqueline Kellock
381:04:41Joanne Newson
391:06:16Zeina Clare
401:06:26Edward Shackleton
411:06:27Gary Callaghan
421:06:55Karen Spencer
431:07:16Debbie Croydon
441:07:57Marcus William
451:08:08Alan Mcternan
461:10:22Peter Moore
471:14:49Natalie Courage
481:14:51Claire Luckham
491:14:59Liza Young
501:15:15Sarah Johnstone

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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