Chicks Chase #1 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
119:44Linsey Ryall
219:52Deborah May
320:14Emma Wheatcroft
420:34Abi Gooch
523:15Lilli Peters
624:49Ruth Schofield
725:11Emma Clark - Tunnicliff
826:12Anna Oram
926:49Katie Jarvis
1027:11Fiona Silcock
1127:50Sheryl Dew
1228:13Heather Charles
1329:19Tina Derry
1429:20Sarah Espey
1529:47Gill Dawson
1629:47Odette Mould
1730:01Helen Shaw
1830:21Sue Clements
1930:41Keely Judd
2030:51Wendy Ehoff
2130:57Joanne Young
2231:10Kirsty Dell
2331:11Aimee Herbert
2431:19Anita Collins
2531:32Kim Davis
2631:32Christine Lo
2731:45Evie Butler
2831:53Kelly Williams
2931:56Clare Jones
3031:57Kate Rodwell
3132:13Vicky Dell
3232:13Hayley Hobday
3332:24Sarah Kirby
3432:28Lisa Mitchinson
3532:48Abbey Vallance
3632:57Carol Webber
3733:01Gill Souter
3833:22Susan Johnson
3933:22Kate Johnson
4034:20Samantha Gallant
4135:22Lorraine Burman
4235:24Michele Mead
4335:34Lynsey Abbott
4435:48Hayley Bennett
4536:07Claire Dearne
4636:20Carrie Tyas
4736:56Delyth Lee
4838:31Samantha Dawson
4938:54Theresa Norris
5038:57Caroline Piacquadio

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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