Big Cow Novice Tri 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Neil Turner54:39
2Andrew Sims56:01
3Simon Barker56:20
4Sol Ibrahim56:37
5Victoria Beedham1:00:16
6Sebastian Herniman1:00:20
7Andrew Doyle1:00:58
8Wesley Auvache1:01:15
9Chris Cooke1:01:33
10Kev Keenan1:01:52
11Finn Hansen1:02:06
12Mitchell Foard1:02:16
13Mark Woodcock1:02:56
14Ruth Bedford1:03:07
15Neil Reynolds1:03:22
16John Martin1:03:37
17Catherine Lynch1:03:52
18Dom Otoole1:04:04
19Ben Philips1:04:14
20Popsie Wootten1:04:36
21Lee Kirk1:05:00
22Steve Russell1:05:10
23Chris Brown1:05:34
24Andrew Brunton1:05:44
25Louise Sayer1:06:14
26Lisa Mitchinson1:06:30
27Lucy Harding1:07:13
28Emily Davis1:07:37
29Jon Garner1:07:41
30Andrew Sims1:07:52
31Gill Holmes1:09:55
32Katie Bailey1:10:05
33Sue Palmer1:11:09
34Susie Howes1:11:16
35Sarah Chadbone1:11:29
36Neal Mather1:14:32
37Gabriella Straughan1:15:41
38Gael Crafts1:15:49
39Michael Mumford1:16:25
40Evie Butler1:17:35
41Tracey Chalmers1:18:35
42Alex Cowie1:22:00
43Dean Boiles1:22:16
44Lorraine Mills1:22:53
45Julia Charles1:22:54
46Pandora Ford1:23:36
47Ingrid Pearce1:26:23
48Dan Channon1:32:22
49Natalia Bench1:36:31
50Cassy Sarfo1:36:43

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.