Big Cow Novice Tri 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Neil Turner54:39
2Andrew Sims56:01
3Simon Barker56:20
4Sol Ibrahim56:37
5Victoria Beedham1:00:16
6Sebastian Herniman1:00:20
7Andrew Doyle1:00:58
8Wesley Auvache1:01:15
9Chris Cooke1:01:33
10Kev Keenan1:01:52
11Finn Hansen1:02:06
12Mitchell Foard1:02:16
13Mark Woodcock1:02:56
14Ruth Bedford1:03:07
15Neil Reynolds1:03:22
16John Martin1:03:37
17Catherine Lynch1:03:52
18Dom Otoole1:04:04
19Ben Philips1:04:14
20Popsie Wootten1:04:36
21Lee Kirk1:05:00
22Steve Russell1:05:10
23Chris Brown1:05:34
24Andrew Brunton1:05:44
25Louise Sayer1:06:14
26Lisa Mitchinson1:06:30
27Lucy Harding1:07:13
28Emily Davis1:07:37
29Jon Garner1:07:41
30Andrew Sims1:07:52
31Gill Holmes1:09:55
32Katie Bailey1:10:05
33Sue Palmer1:11:09
34Susie Howes1:11:16
35Sarah Chadbone1:11:29
36Neal Mather1:14:32
37Gabriella Straughan1:15:41
38Gael Crafts1:15:49
39Michael Mumford1:16:25
40Evie Butler1:17:35
41Tracey Chalmers1:18:35
42Alex Cowie1:22:00
43Dean Boiles1:22:16
44Lorraine Mills1:22:53
45Julia Charles1:22:54
46Pandora Ford1:23:36
47Ingrid Pearce1:26:23
48Dan Channon1:32:22
49Natalia Bench1:36:31
50Cassy Sarfo1:36:43

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.