Keswick Mountain Festival 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
5157:18Helen Stark
5257:22Wendy Brook
5358:01Ben Wright
5458:20Bryan Lowrie
5558:30Rebecca Green
5659:00Andrew Graham
571:02:22Robert Johnson
581:02:24Chris Holcroft
591:04:06Nicholas Bates
601:04:07Heather Westron
611:04:18Stephen Healey
621:05:17Susan Cammish
631:06:45Jan Briggs
641:06:52Nicola Spurling
651:06:53Nicholas Elliott
661:07:35Jayne Butterworth
671:09:00Alexandra Nancollis
681:09:04Debbie Jones
691:09:34Caroline Crolla
701:09:51David Gouge
711:09:55Paul Bryant
721:11:14Ashley Schultz
731:12:10Judith Kirk
741:16:02Justine Branch
751:17:58Nicola Myers
761:24:17William Clough
771:26:45David Mckenna
781:28:09Rachel Thomas
791:29:18Rosie Taylor
801:42:15Gina Bellhouse
QUERY-David Stroud

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