Teach First - Run the River 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
19011:17:52Emma Davidson
19021:17:57Yasrine Ibnyahya
19031:18:24Rachel Corrigan
19041:18:26Hannah Curran
19051:18:27Adam Jensen
19061:18:39Sarang Kusare
19071:18:54Danielle Hunter
19081:18:55Yokie Lai
19091:19:02Karen King
19101:19:19Cicilia Oei
19111:19:36Amy Gardner
19121:19:36Jessica Wallace
19131:19:46Casey Abrahamse
19141:19:47Ourania Mapouras
19151:19:48Viktoriya Mancheva
19161:19:48Erika Montiel
19171:19:59Camila De La Fuente Roa
19181:20:20Helen Joseph
19191:20:42Debbie Liddy
19201:20:48Nicola Richmond
19211:20:54Anthony Magee
19221:21:58Sreedhar Bakka
19231:23:15Alison Zhang
19241:23:15George Rouse
19251:23:23Anonymous Participant
19261:23:41Jane Gibbs
19271:23:41Jane Murray
19281:23:51Carole Challen
19291:24:24Hanh Tran
19301:24:45Hazel Weston
19311:24:57Laura Fernandes
19321:25:08Amy Heinen
19331:32:52Lara Orija
19341:33:50Ria Ravello-Maria
19351:33:54Fiona Edwards
QUERY-Elizabeth Perry
QUERY-Albert Soleiman
QUERY-Paddy Griffith
QUERY-Amanda Simpson
QUERY-Leanne England
QUERY-Jutta Frieden
QUERY-William Lowery

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.