Southwater Sprint Relay Triathlon 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:36:37Team T.H.E
22:50:03Brighton Tri Club Team 14
32:50:30Tri Tempo One
42:51:11Slow Lazy Hopefuls
52:51:40Well Hung Drawn & Quartered
62:52:04Slick Looking Hair
72:53:23Epsom Tri Club Team Two
82:53:37Hungarian Trampolining Club
92:54:15Brighton Tri Club Team 1
102:54:34Wo Farrari's
112:55:23"Cwtc Team Splash, Flash & Dash"
122:55:45The Young Ones
132:55:59Tuff Nuts
142:56:06Phoenix Phlyers
152:56:10Zoom Tri Fly
162:56:12The Dominant Force
172:57:057Oaks Team Sos
182:57:14Cpt Rio Reserves
192:59:35Brighton Tri Club Team 5
203:01:04Brighton Tri Club Team 6
213:01:36Its On Like Donkey Kong
243:03:28Tuff As Old Boots
253:03:327Oaks Triceratops
263:04:40"Huey, Dewey And Louie"
273:05:14Wo Skoda's
283:06:27"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly "
293:06:52Epsom Tri Club Team Three
303:07:09Swim-1St Top Gun
313:07:19Here For The Cake
323:07:35Lane 1
333:08:18Me And Tri Pig Brother
343:08:46Brighton Tri Club Team 20
353:09:29Brighton Tri Club Team 4
363:09:467Oaks 6 Pints And A Valdaloo
373:10:32Sevenoaks Doggers Anonymous
383:10:48The Linneymortlewileys
393:11:08Epsom Tri Club Team Four
403:11:26Brighton Tri Club Team 3
413:12:02Htc Old Skool
423:12:50Wo Mustangs
433:14:06So Legendary It Hurts
443:14:19Wo Venturi's
453:14:41Chi Tri Chicks
463:15:26Painful Puffers
483:15:53Brighton Tri Club Team 12
493:16:24Tri Tempo Three
503:16:26Brighton Tri Club Team 10

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