Team Townend Pushbike Challenge 2017


2:59:54Sophie Noon
2:27:19Phil O'hagan
2:45:27Christian Olsen
3:58:45Daniel Page
3:54:31Lydia Palmer
3:52:41Cameron Park
2:47:35Nathan Park
2:52:35Chris Pearce
2:30:06Richard Peasland
2:25:58Kevin Pritchard
3:33:43David Pullin
3:00:09Luke Rackham
2:52:19Len Raynor
DNFJames Reader
3:44:33Eve Richards
3:18:39Mark Ridden
3:22:31Paul Robson
2:34:31Craig Rockliffe
3:41:05Blain Rooney
3:43:32Emma Ryan
2:44:05Peter Schofield
2:51:13Michael Scott
3:43:26Emma Searson
3:27:50Philip Senior
2:31:56Mark Shackley
3:33:00Jack Sharkey
3:32:38Joe Sharkey
3:00:07Adam Sharkie
3:01:51Paul Sharpe
3:18:06Harry Sheph
4:04:49Sally Shepherd
2:45:30Alastair Silver
2:20:45William Sisson
3:29:02Josh Skelton
2:56:33John Slater
2:52:27Rob Smith
2:44:23Martin Sowerby
2:43:06Neil Spence
3:00:06James Spencer
3:41:07Andrew Sprigings
3:03:18Mark Steele
3:59:05Jos Style
3:16:39Mick Style
3:58:50Peter Style
3:31:35Mark Suitor
3:12:42Daryl Tacon
2:52:39Matthew Taylor
3:18:40Richard Taylor
3:21:57Paul Thomas
3:20:16Ged Thompson

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