Gibside Fruit Bowl 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
2011:04:46Noel Urwin
2021:04:49Elaine Mckechnie
2031:04:50Andrew Hudson
2041:04:51James Carvell
2051:04:58Mel Steer
2061:04:59Malcolm Sygrove
2071:05:12Andrew Hollowbread
2081:05:15Richard Brookes
2091:05:27Rosie Dawson
2101:05:28Tim Matthews
2111:05:41Bob Webster
2121:05:50Alan Todd
2131:05:54Clare Magrath
2141:05:55Michelle Cairns
2151:05:55Kerry Anderson
2161:05:56Gemma Harcombe-Moore
2171:05:59Iain Davidson
2181:06:03David Alderson
2191:06:04Stephen Buston
2201:06:06Simon Lynch
2211:06:08James Bewley
2221:06:10Jennifer Allison
2231:06:10Gillian Wallace
2241:06:13Dave Kidd
2251:06:22Ian Maddison
2261:06:29Mark Lambert
2271:06:30Christos Efstathiou
2281:06:31Sam Judson
2291:06:38Mark Robinson
2301:06:39Jane Aston
2311:06:43Phil Baston
2321:06:45Stephanie Barlow
2331:06:46Allan Callender
2341:06:46Iain Craig
2351:06:47Susan Lowes
2361:06:52Scott Wearing
2371:06:59Ian Ellis
2381:07:03Rob Bradshaw
2391:07:08Simon King
2401:07:09Jonny Edwards
2411:07:16Ruth Lewis
2421:07:22Will Oliphant
2431:07:24Kay Stokes
2441:07:31Steven Wade
2451:07:32Michael Wilson
2461:07:34Jason Mcgray
2471:07:40Jean Bradley
2481:07:48Charles Hall
2491:07:51Louise Dykes
2501:07:52James Hollender

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