The Tour of Pembrokeshire 2018


9:04:06Andrew Addicott
7:12:01Emyr Afan
7:51:25Grant Allen
8:25:47Julie Andrasko
9:47:53Peter Angood
8:19:32Nigel Annett
9:26:11Lee Annis
7:21:41John Archer
8:02:28Alistar Armstrong - Brown
9:03:41Matt Baber
8:11:51Knill Baird-Murray
10:06:05Chris Baker
8:04:47Ian Baker
9:45:44Robin Baker
11:01:02Philip Baker-Heyes
9:07:49Gareth Banks
10:57:03Simon Banks
10:32:02Aidas Baranauskas
8:11:53Jonathan Barnett
7:44:33Colin Barrett
10:31:09Marcus Barrick
9:04:18Luke Batchelor
11:43:11Tom Bate
QUERYPeter Beaumont
7:01:35Tom Beck
8:30:49Daniel Belli
8:54:21Dave Bembo
8:16:51Huw Benbow
8:00:31Richard Berry
8:23:44Dino Besirevic
8:54:39Kevin Bessant
9:24:00Vince Biggs
10:31:10Chris Birch
8:21:14Claire Bird
8:42:57Colin Bird
9:24:03Mark Bonsor
9:03:07Iestyn Booth
8:15:31Colin Bowers
7:47:08Neville Bradbury
7:52:07Robert Bradley
9:20:33Paul Bramble
6:52:57Greg Brett
8:22:23Ian Brinkley
9:24:14Ian Broad
8:39:20Mathew Broad
9:03:09Ward Broughton
8:51:16Chris Brown
9:57:36Martin Brown
8:51:15Richard Brown
8:56:48Claire Bunce

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