Ythan Challenge 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
511:14:55Lee Donald
521:14:59Norma Beaton
531:15:03James Callander
541:15:10Sam Scott
551:15:37Lindsey Clark
561:15:56Danny Hazzard
571:15:58Gregor Stratford
581:16:16Stuart Melville
591:16:18Jane-ann Spencer
601:16:23Tommy Mackay
611:16:33Euan Simpson
621:16:33Andrew West
631:16:34Johnny Beedie
641:16:34Frances Malley
651:16:34Maureen Garden
661:17:25Steven Garden
671:17:27Carol Massie
681:17:29Andrew Traill
691:17:50Donald Stewart
701:17:57Joy Mckay
711:18:09Brian Ritchie
721:18:29Rob Urquhart
731:18:37Andrew Smith
741:18:46Anne Taylor
751:18:49Robert Neal
761:19:19Colin Stratford
771:19:24Julie Chalk
781:19:54Colin Gallacher
791:19:57Paul Tierney
801:20:19Julie Shirron
811:20:27Gary Dawson
821:20:28Rachel Paterson
831:20:46Brian Gray
841:21:17Allan Leslie
851:21:54Jamie Walker
861:22:09Michael Petrie
871:22:29Peter Strachan
881:22:33Andrew Little
891:23:14Anne Sutherland
901:23:14Brian Fowlie
911:23:18Lauren Knowles
921:23:27Gordon Young
931:23:36Mike Jennings
941:23:36Andrew Naylor
951:23:42Stuart Clark
961:23:42Kim King
971:23:44Dayle Crawford
981:23:47Alan Murray
991:24:18Alan Walsh
1001:25:18Linda Watt

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